Are V Part Wigs Good?

Are V Part Wigs Good?

Are you looking for a wig? If yes, you need to know an essential term in the wig collection "V part wig." You will definitely see these wigs in every collection when you step into the wig market. In this article, we will take a quick look at these wigs and whether they are good to buy!

What Are V Part Wigs?

V-part wigs are the ones with v-shaped parts or hairlines. These wigs give a more natural look as you can see your scalp through them. This is commonly used in the entertainment industry for both men and women, but it's also used by people who want to change their appearance as well.

Opposite to v part wigs, there is another term, u part wigs, also exists. These wigs are usually used with other hair extensions to make them more real. These wigs can be worn either way up or down.

How to Install a V Part Wig?

The installation of V part wigs is a bit different than lace wigs. Let's find the process out step-by-step!

Step 1: Prepare your Hair –

Hair management is the first step in every wig installation so the hair will not get entangled with the wig. So, carefully brush your hair, make sections and secure them in the band.

Step 2: Apply the Wig –

Pull down at least half of your natural parting so that when you slide on a v part wig, there will be no interruption in length or style because of its placement on top of your head. This can also help keep portions of natural hair from being caught by other parts while pinned down later in this process.

Step 3: Secure the Wig –

As the v part wigs are not lace-like, so you need pins and clips to secure them on the head. You can prefer pins as they are small and easy to clip, or if you have any other trick in mind, apply that. However, make sure that the wig is installed correctly.

Are V Part Wigs Good?

V part wigs are amazing and widely available in the market because everyone loves them. However, one limitation is that these wigs are only suitable for some face shapes. These wigs are ideal for a round face shape and give a natural appearance. However, the v part wigs are not recommended for square or elongated face shapes because it will make the appearance unnatural.

Difference Between V Part Wigs and U Part Wigs

The major difference is in the shape of their hairline. However, the u part wigs are easier to style as you can apply them in any way. V part wigs are highly recommended for people with long hair. The reason is that v part wigs are more natural looking and easier for people with longer hair to wear compared to u part wig styles.


In our recommendation v part wigs are better than u part wigs. They look more natural and are less expensive. However, it is important to note that not all types of wigs can be used on all hair types because they may not fit well with your particular head shape. Before making any decision regarding whether or not you want a v or u part wig, consult with your stylist first so they can provide advice based on their experience.